ResourceStudio, an old but useful resource editor, you can download from hutch's page. And I've been used it for along time. But it can't run properly by RadASM.
In RadASM.ini:
1.Resource Editor,E:\reseditor\Rs32.exe,$.Rc
But when I click the item from tools menu, ResourceStudio tell these messages:

Couldn't determine the type of file "E:\MASM32\PROJECTS\EXAMPLE\EXAMPLE.Rc " from its extension.
Please use File|Open to open the file and select appropriate...

But Under msdos, i can open it properly by type "E:\MASM32\PROJECTS\EXAMPLE\EXAMPLE.Rc"

I guess the problem is because there is a extra space in variable "$" because ResourceStudio tell me the path is "E:\MASM32\PROJECTS\EXAMPLE\EXAMPLE.Rc "
(Pay attention to the last char in the path,it is a space!)

How can I do next?

download ResourceStudio:
Posted on 2003-05-18 05:35:06 by pdx1989