I have recently purchased a new Athalon, so I downloaded AMD's Code Analyst. Trying to use it is a little more difficult, as it wont accept any of the PDB files MASM creates. All it does is display a error message "Couldn't find codeview base address", then another saying "Unable to open PDB".

Is there anyone with some experince in such matters because I am lost.

Posted on 2001-10-03 13:34:00 by huh
Looking at the AMD Codeview page:


they state that "CodeView supports Debug Inteface Access for Visual Studio.net -- supports PDB file formats built with Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0, 6.0 and .net"

Using CodeAnalyst, the process would be as follows:
1. Build the application using Microsoft Visual C++ (.net beta, 6.0 or earlier)
2. Run CodeAnalyst (use Timer-Based Profiling) to identify the bottlenecks
3. Perform pipeline simulation to identify causes for the bottlenecks
4. Eliminate/reduce the causes of the bottlenecks


I don't have M$ Visual C++ to test and see what extra info it might throw into the mix here. From what AMD sez tho, it would look like it won't work unless you're using Visual C++.
Posted on 2001-10-03 18:21:48 by gscundiff
I only tried & get it running using a VC 'dummy' application as framework, which imports MASM static lib code (linked with -DBGTYPE:CV -INCREMENTAL:NO).

I've never checked it with a pure MASM application, but if you like use my makefile (edit the appropriate fields at the top of it, especially set DGBTYPE to CA , then exec using cmdline: nmake CFG=DEBUG ALL)
Posted on 2001-10-06 20:23:55 by -SMK-