Like i say, i "terminate" the translation of the tuts from 2-18, maybe i have some ortographic errors.. iand in the first tuts.. i will check my translation, only in the first tuts, i let some parts without translation.. in the near future i will update this first tuts, and the files with the correct ortography

Too i will check.. if the template of the pages fit good with the translation

is a rar file
Posted on 2003-05-18 12:58:07 by rea
great :alright:

I'll try to verify them all tonight.
Posted on 2003-05-18 13:20:53 by Hiroshimator
here are all of them, I had to save number 11 in UTF-8 but apart from that they all checked out correctly :)
Posted on 2003-05-20 04:48:00 by Hiroshimator
jeje, tere is, the other 2 tuts :).

woa!!!! i finished.. for now :), then i have a little time for check and correct some things..

Ok, tha is all for now... yep i will not let two times that the work compact me .., step by step :) i will do.


A leer y a checar!!!!!!

Have nice day.
Posted on 2003-05-25 01:03:47 by rea
Posted on 2003-05-25 05:37:33 by Hiroshimator
jeje, only personal annotations, all the work that let to the end, i will not repeat that.. i will try ;)

for me I still a little hard express my ideas in your language, but instead I can understand about 80-90%.. mabye not.. lol.. its extrange doh???
Posted on 2003-05-25 12:53:10 by rea
que bueno hgb que estes traduciendo estos tutoriales para las persona que no saben espa?ol
estaba leyendo parte de la traduccion del tutorial 2 y algunas palabras que estan en ingles podrias ponerlas como:

several - muchas.
three - tres :P
dynamic-linked libraries - librerias de enlace dinamico.
you have enough information about the desired API functions. - ud tiene demasiada informacion acerca de las funciones API deseadas.
desired - deseadas
perform function address fixups - realizara arreglos de direccion de funcion
sintax - sintaxis
as its own object and executable file format. - como su propio objeto y formato de archivo ejecutable

Posted on 2003-10-13 20:52:12 by Jnrz
Si, gracias por esas correcciones.

OK, en realidad tengo varias correcciones que hacer, pero esa vez solo quer?a terminar r?pido, lo que queda es esperar los nuevos tutoriales con el formato y correguir algunas partes de los que ya estan traducidos, pegar? aqu? las dudas que tube cuando los estube traduciendo.

Nice day.
Posted on 2003-10-26 17:29:13 by rea
IczeTutes y Apis traducidas en
Posted on 2003-12-28 16:37:40 by mnemox
Bien ;), tiene cosillas interesantes :).

Que bien que siguan trabajando :) en los contenidos.

Buen d?a o noche.
Posted on 2003-12-29 10:13:10 by rea