At last, here is the new version of MELT (MASM Error Lookup Tool). This is to hold you over until I add the next feature :-) which should be a few days...... Here is the rundown...

Layout is a bit different.
This version won't work with RadASM until KetilO updates it. (KetilO, what we spoke about in PM, implement it)
If a valid error is shown, hover mouse over yellow question mark for more info.
click yellow note to view note.
click magnifying glass thing to view all notes.
click non yellow note to create note.
to enter an error number, you must enter the letter of the tool then error number i.e
ML = A
RC W errors = RW
RC C errors = RC

The error edit box supports copy/paste

The old error notes are not quite compatible without some modifications:
to all note files, add a .note extension.
add the tool letter to the beginning of each note. so using the table above, for ml notes, say 2003, you will rename it A2003.note, do this for each of your notes and copy all of them to the notes directory under MELT.
I will get around to writing a conversion tool...

For more info and download, click my www button below.

Have fun and enjoy! I really like this version...
Posted on 2003-05-18 19:19:25 by Gunner
I am in China and have problem accessing your homepage, any mirror?
Posted on 2003-05-20 02:18:49 by taowen2002
Here ya go:
Posted on 2003-05-20 05:33:08 by Gunner