Hi, I putted everything I need to send a mail in one string.
In help with wsprintf i glued the commands togehter, and here is my prob:
If the mail contains more than 1000Bytes text it will doesnt work, because the bufferlenght is only 1000 bytes long.
What shoukd I do ?

Do someone know a cool trick ?

Deep Regards FF
Posted on 2003-05-20 09:03:22 by Forginforcer
Allocate more than 1024 bytes or use dyamnic allocation (ie Heap functions/virtualalloc)
Posted on 2003-05-20 09:10:47 by roticv
the function called that ? - virtualalloc ?
You mean the function wich I use, when i want to receave a big data amiunt from a socket ?

Bye !
Posted on 2003-05-20 09:28:17 by Forginforcer

the maximum output buffer size of wsprintf is 1024. Im afraid this cannot be changed. If you need a larger buffer, use sprintf from CRTDLL.DLL, for example. (LoadLibrary "crtdll.dll", GetProcAddress "sprintf", ...)

Posted on 2003-05-20 23:58:25 by japheth

the maximum output buffer size of wsprintf is 1024.

Ahh! Thats what I suspected (aqnd output/input string length limit) when I used it and it didn't work for my webserver, I wrote my own implentation (in fasm, the proc it's rather lame, uses 0FFh instead of "%s", but I works for my current needs).
Posted on 2003-05-21 08:50:57 by scientica
ah, thanks! Very nice!
Posted on 2003-05-21 09:22:19 by Forginforcer
Just send the commands and data seperately, there's no need to put such a big string through those functions.

Posted on 2003-05-21 11:06:31 by Thomas