Hi fellows over there !! :) Do somebody knows how to delete the Internet Explorer Cache/Cookies/History ?
Any example in C++ will be valid also ...
Thanx a lot.

-MagicMac. :)
Posted on 2001-10-03 21:43:43 by magicmac
As fas as I know the functions are located in WININET.DLL, named *UrlCache*.

Posted on 2001-10-04 04:27:56 by japheth
Hrm.. You'll eventually figure out how to delete recursively the directory of the history and cache... Later on you start wondering how to delete the famous index.dat file too...

czDrillard wrote a little tool called czSweep some time ago which does exactly that... His hp is at : http://members.dencity.com/cz_drillard/cz/

Posted on 2001-10-04 05:24:02 by JimmyClif
There was a discussion on the old board about this. You cannot delete "index.dat", but you can empty it so to speak!

Open it, empty it, write it back!

Posted on 2001-10-04 06:26:03 by Mirno
japhet: yeah, I saw something like that, but I didn't find yet the wininet api reference to understand a little bit more, thanks a lot.

JimmyClif: I went to that URL but the czSweep was not there anymore ... :( (404)...

Mirno: Hmmm... that's seems to be a good idea... I'll try it out ... :)

Thanks a lot for you guys for answering so fast :)

-MagicMac. :alright:
Posted on 2001-10-04 09:20:49 by magicmac
Hi MagicMac,

I got czSweep here, don't know why download doesn't work program must have been removed. I'll look into. I don't know if this what you want but program erases contents of all index.dat files on shutdown. The exe is 16 kb and help file about 20 kb. I can send you program and source code if you want. Source not well commented. I'm to lazy. Let me know what you want.

best regards,

Posted on 2001-10-04 21:40:02 by czDrillard

Thanks a lot, really. I was searching a way to clear the Cache without shuting down the computer and I found it, but thanks anyway. I love this board, everyone helps everyone without expecting nothing ... If the world were like this board we should have a perfect world. I love you guys, you are helping me a lot with my little project, by the way it's a Hotkey Macros program that will let you load programs, type text, clear caches, etc etc etc (a lot of common operations) with the press of a HotKey, something like Macro Express or EZMacros.
If any of you guys wants the code, just let me know and I'll place it here. It's well commented, I'm lazy by I always take the time to do the comments for future reference ...

Thanx a lot czDrillard.

Posted on 2001-10-05 12:51:34 by magicmac
czDrillard: could you mail me that program too? A friend of mine is looking for such a utility..

Posted on 2001-10-05 15:38:10 by Thomas