What does the 'uses' do in a proc declaration. I don't ever use it. Should I?

GroovyFunction proc uses edi ebx Arg1:DWORD, Arg2:DWORD
Posted on 2003-05-20 12:29:42 by rdaneel
"uses" pushes registers (edi and ebx) and pops, when the function returns.
Posted on 2003-05-20 12:57:26 by masnick[CCCP]
For your window or dialog proc you should at least include the following "uses ebx esi edi" as you may experience problems migrating from Win2K/XP to Win98/ME. At least that has been my experience.
Posted on 2003-05-20 13:10:52 by donkey
sounds good. thanks.
Posted on 2003-05-20 13:20:38 by rdaneel
If you design your source well you can get away with "USES" only once.

The main callback proceedure should have "USES EBX ESI EDI" and then all 'child' functions calls from this proceedure do not need to have it, since the system vairables are protected upon entering your program initially. (I sometimes follow this approach when writing custom controls).

Posted on 2003-05-20 22:41:20 by NaN