I think it will be convenient if the user can set variables in the Marco.
For example, I want to make a "messagebox" marco that include some variables
I click "record", then type "invoke MessageBox Var1,Var2,Var3,MB_OK"
When I stop record, RadASM will ask me to type the caption of these 3 variables.
Var2:SzText address
Var3:SzCaption address

And if I want to use this marco, RadASM will display a dialog and ask me for following information:

Messagebox hWnd:NULL
Messagebox SzText address:addr Text
Messagebox SzCaption address:addr Title

And then the string will display as following in the Editbox:

invoke MessageBox NULL, addr Text, addr Title, MB_OK

Is it possible to add this function in the new release of IDE?
Posted on 2003-05-23 02:48:52 by pdx1989
Hi pdx1989

The macro recorder / playback is very low level using WH_JOURNALRECORD / WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK

It's simply too much work.

Posted on 2003-05-23 03:50:24 by KetilO