hi, why does my programm chrash when I want to compare two DWORD strings?

****1 DWORD 6
****2 DWORD 6
INVOKE lstrcmp, ****1, ****2
Posted on 2003-05-23 09:13:19 by Forginforcer
Hi Red,

Once again a failure to grasp the difference between strings and numbers. A DWORD is not a string, it is a number. You must use ADDR or OFFSET with lstrcmp and the strings must be zero terminated. If you wish to compare two DWORDs use cmp. If you have converted the numbers to ascii with the DW2A function or wspintf then pass the address of the buffer not the actual DWORDS.
Posted on 2003-05-23 09:21:02 by donkey
how to make it with cmp ?
i tryed it already.
or how to do it with word ?
Posted on 2003-05-23 09:26:08 by Forginforcer
Posted on 2003-05-23 09:35:36 by donkey
thanky a lot !!!!!!!!!

You have a good way to make little kids big delight !!!!!!!!! :cool:
Posted on 2003-05-23 11:00:14 by Forginforcer