Well did you think the best song won?
I didn't think the best song won, I think that Germany should have won. Posted on 2003-05-24 17:07:24 by scientica
I liked Russia, Belgium and Poland. I think some of them should've won.
Posted on 2003-05-24 17:21:24 by Milos
we should've won if it weren't for those countries that gave points to neighbouring countries only..... :tongue:
Posted on 2003-05-24 17:40:02 by Hiroshimator
The Eurovision what? What's Eurovision... :blink:
Posted on 2003-05-24 18:07:38 by iblis
it's a contest were we send our worst singers and then we see who wins :grin:
Posted on 2003-05-24 19:28:38 by Hiroshimator
I didnt went through the torture watching it, but I am happy that Germany didnt won.

Posted on 2003-05-24 20:49:54 by bazik
I don't remember how bad the UK song was, but i hope the 0 points didn't have nothing to do with war in Iraq...

oh. and i think Norway should have won, or Russia just to make the audience angry. (and i'm not saying this just because they are my neighbour countries :grin: ).
Posted on 2003-05-25 03:07:17 by Petroizki

but I am happy that Germany didnt won.

What? That was was the best song, IMO, (it's one of the few songs I still remember, :rolleyes: I also remember that song, was it Austria's? Any way it sounded like some child song, I dimmit it still echoes in my head (especially that part "ein Dromedar aus Afrika...", or whar ever he sings). And this song from poland, "Ich Troje"(?), his voice siuted german, a brutakl voice to a brutal language, not a winner song but it wasn't that bad ;)

I see that no one thinks the right song won, what about we all go and h4ck the Contest Vote Counting Server and put our own favourites at the first place (so they'll have to have an Eurosvison Song Contest in all the winning countries) :)

Btw, I wonder if Turkey will need help with the technical layer of the Contest, just like this years and previous years host contries... :grin:

I must say that I felt a little sorry for the Producer, (s)he must have had a hard time before a specific countrys song. (It' must have been hard on his/her nerves waiting for the song to end). I don't think the song was any good so I don't understand why it got so many votes, but I guess it was politics involved. :rolleyes:
Posted on 2003-05-25 04:41:50 by scientica
Hi all friends,

Well did you think the best song won?


As for me all countries songs was very nice. Because all song was choosing independent musical authority and all is new sounds. :) Music is universal. Maybe our song not best but Turkey first time to be adding an English language song. This very important for Turkey.

Second Turkey make every year miscellaneous musical organizations. For example
International Istanbul Blues festival, Cesme music festival, Antalya, Bodrum and others. The Music organization or competition not new for Turkey.

I don't understand why it got so many votes, but I guess it was politics involved.

Turkey? Politics? this very funny :) . I think not just Turkey win, all Europe (and World)was win. Because first time choosing a Muslim country. This a new revolation! As for me music is not have any religion. This a prove.

And my last word,

I'm respect to all ideas, Not important whose win, Peace win, Friendships win, Music win.


btw: Excuse me my bad English...
Posted on 2003-05-25 06:26:20 by CYDONIA
Belgium should've won and you all know it :grin:

our singers even invented their own baby-language to make sure nobody would understand their song ;)
Posted on 2003-05-25 06:57:36 by Hiroshimator

Turkey? Politics? this very funny :) . I think not just Turkey win, all Europe (and World)was win. Because first time choosing a Muslim country. This a new revolation! As for me music is not have any religion. This a prove.

First of all I'd like to say the Turkeys song wasn't that bad, but I still think germany's song was better (perhaphs I haven't gotten used to the Turkey/Mid-west music style, ask me in 10 years and I might even think some song like that is the best, but at the present that song didn't meet my idea of a Eurovision Song contest winner).
I don't care if the winner be a high priest of some suicide sect, as long as that one doesn't try to fore his/hers/it's beliefs on me, like wise I don't care about what religion the host country has chosen for it's official, as long as they don't try to force it on me. (not to say has met any such mussilms, and I don't mind reading about other religions, but I'm getting sick of this continous talk about all musslims being Bush dislikers, there are christians that doen't like the "western waist of resources"/"western way of life" neither, one shall not over bloat life :)). So that Turkey be a islamic country doesn't matter to me.

I think it's nice for Turkey that Turkey won, but just because I thought some other country/song was better doesn't mean that I dislike musilims, turkey or songs with a sound different from the one I like at the moment.
I look forward to see how Turkey presents the next years competition, let's hope that the best song winns that year :)

Posted on 2003-05-25 14:57:16 by scientica
I thought the turkish winner had a great performance but only so-so singing quality :/
Posted on 2003-05-25 16:48:39 by Hiroshimator
This time there were many nice songs and it is hard to choose one. When you take in account the message that songs tried to pass on to public, the Poland should have won. The guy didn't sing bad although he had weird looks, and the fact he was singing about peace is just great. I would give him 10 if not 12.

Did UK got 0 just because of the recent war? I assume so.
There is hardly any other reason even with the plain decent song. The singer was hot. Just for the girl they shoud have a point or two. :tongue:
Posted on 2003-05-25 17:17:46 by Milos

LOL :grin:
Posted on 2003-05-26 04:26:01 by Delight
I think that singers should sing in lenguage as ppl speak in the country they represent.

Give a break with this love songs please.

"Ich Troje" This guy sings preaty good in german becouse as i remember he was adopted to german family.
"Keine Granze....." with Poland :tongue: . I would feel pity for germans to have no borders with us :cool: :alright: :grin: .(just kidding).

Btw. Even in poland we're just curious about his freaky looks
Posted on 2003-05-28 05:22:21 by AceEmbler
France had the best song..
Posted on 2003-05-29 06:28:03 by Azrim

France had the best song..

Perhaps I thougth so I spoke france, it sounded as if it could be good. (What is the song about?)
Posted on 2003-05-29 07:18:01 by scientica
I do not speak French so I have no idea what it is about.. but it was the best song on the
contest. I thought the song from U.K would win.. but..
Posted on 2003-05-29 07:25:27 by Azrim


..I think it may have been nervousity, I saw the video (in some before the constest show), and then the song sounded quite good. (unless my memory has a flawed ECC-mechanism)
Posted on 2003-05-29 07:32:11 by scientica
Yep, I also heard the song before the contest and it sounded much better then..
I think the votes are set up! there's no way that they could get 0 points..
The song that represented my country really..and I do mean really sucked
but it got points.
Posted on 2003-05-29 07:56:09 by Azrim