Perhaps I thougth so I spoke france, it sounded as if it could be good. (What is the song about?)

Let me gues. LOVE ???!!!!????
Posted on 2003-05-31 08:19:06 by AceEmbler

Yep, I also heard the song before the contest and it sounded much better then..
I think the votes are set up! there's no way that they could get 0 points..
The song that represented my country really..and I do mean really sucked
but it got points.

I wouldn't wory for England, they're still in. (somewhow they remain, I heard some countries are like permanent mebers, like in the UN security counsil)

The points are pre-decided, and due to polictics at least one song that should have gotten any points (one reason is the fact that the song is no good, not even for examples of pseudo-music) got points, one is not allowed to have a lesser liberal idea of humans with certain deviation(s) in their "behaviour" towards certaing groups (they're on the other hand, are allowed to (dis)behave in any way they like, where is the mutual respect of other peoples ideas/"behaviour" of certaing things? Why don't I just start a revloution and assume command of the entire world? Perhapas it's my lazziness, since I'd have to play the current laws of politics untill I win(=become leader), after I've won I can set new rules and move the old ones to /dev/null )

Posted on 2003-05-31 11:35:05 by scientica
Did you heard the unusual applause at the first 3 secs of the song? I thought that second that Turkey, my country, will be at least second. Thanks to Slovenia;) Not to there only of course:cool:
Posted on 2003-06-04 16:06:33 by inFinie