In Borland C++ Builder or Delphi if you hold the control key while brining the mouse over a variable of function or include or any other element that can be referenced somehow it changes that particular element to a hyperlink (underlined) that can be clicked and traced back to the decleration.

For example, if I hold the control key while hovering a function call it'll take me back to that function (in MASM32 land it would take me to the inc or asm where the function originates (even if it's a prototype).

It would be nice if RadASM had that feature...

Posted on 2003-05-25 03:54:41 by _Shawn
Also if you hold the control key while using the mouse wheel it it causes the scroll to page rather than line-by-line, it does a page-up or page-down... Currently RadASM doesn't even scroll...

Hope I'm not too needy =))

Posted on 2003-05-25 03:57:45 by _Shawn
Hi _Shawn

a. Set the caret on the word and press F2. Press Ctrl+F2 to return again.

b. Ctrl+Mousewheel does a horizobtal scroll.

Posted on 2003-05-25 05:37:15 by KetilO
Yeah... I just thought it would be cool if control-click would act as a macro to do the action that F2 does... while at the same time highlighting the element to indicate that it's a link to some further decleration.

Anyway, F2 doesn't always work I've noticed, for example, on API's or some procs that are a part of the project but works other times.

Can an option be provided so I can specify whethere I want control-wheel to page instead of horizontal scroll?

Posted on 2003-05-25 16:23:22 by _Shawn