Dear All
i write a kernel mode driver which is read/write some I/O ports
but the problem is when the driver access the I/O port
the Windows native driver will interrupt it, so i can't get correct value of the port
Does any way to let my driver have higher priority ???
or when my driver is working, no other driver can interrupt it
O/S is XP
Posted on 2003-05-25 21:04:08 by jordanc
Hi jordanc,
You will need to look in the registry under :-

In here you will find all the drivers being loaded by the
system. They are arranged into groups, each item in the
group having a tag value which is equivalent to a loading
priority within the group. Groups also get loaded in a
specific order. Untagged items get loaded last in the group.

If you look at the entry for Adaptec 1540 series SCSI host
adapter (Aha154x) you will find it belongs to the SCSI Miniport
"Group" and has a "Tag" value of "6".

To make your driver get loaded earlier simply change the Tag
value to be higher (lower numerically) than the driver you are
having problems with or swap their tag numbers around.

Nota Bene!
This is a general procedure and may not work in your case.
This also has a high possibility of damaging your system, please
be prepared to run a repair (console) if things go wrong.

Posted on 2003-05-31 23:58:36 by krang