I often tried to start an 32 Bits Assembly Tutorial at this Board and other
Mailing Lists, without any success, but as i am an old wooden head, i try it

I started an Asm32Tuts collection. It is available at:


In the Tutorial section, the name is:

Asm32Tut.zip for the version integrated in a viewer.
Asm32rtf.zip for the rtf files only.

The proposal is as follow:

As writting a full Tutorial is a very hard and very long work to do, i
propose a solution that allow each one to contribute only for the tiny part
he masterises best, under the form of one small rtf file.

The work is 'collective', with no guaranty to authors that their contribution(s)
will remain 'unmodified'.

The entire set of rtf will be available for any programmer who would wish to
adapt the examples to his prefered Assembler. If one does the adaptation,
and wants me to recompile the collection in the viewer, i'll do the job
(even for such an unsignificant chiet as MASM, -though it could turn me see

Any existing rtf can be re-written, and, if better, it will replace the previous

There is *no* ToDo list. Any subject related to Asm32 (out of Win32 -which for
we already have plenty of very good Tuts-) can be included.

I suppose that, as usual, no one will raise his finger to write one line, but,
as dreaming is allowed, we need:

- One guy per Assembler to maintain (adapt) the collection.
- rtf Contributions (one rtf by subject).

In case this attempt would get some answers, i am volunteer for maintaining
the whole collection of original contributions (whatever Assembler) and for
forwarding the new contributions to each "particular-Assembler-Maintainer".

Next such post in one year or so :)

Bye, Betov. <betov@free.fr>

- adapted the url so it would work, you really should consider just using index.html betov :) -H-
Posted on 2001-10-05 07:48:28 by Betov
A tutorial for pure unadultrated 32b real mode; no OS or other bs, just the boot strap and mode switch?

I've converted 4 Iczelion tutorial's to FAsm. If the project gets rolling, I'd be willing to do the FAsm translations.
Posted on 2001-10-06 00:26:29 by eet_1024
I am estonished that i may have any problem to explain what is a 32 Bits Assembly
Tutorial, eet. This is a Tutorial about writing Assembly in 32 Bits. What could i
say more? Just take a look at Asm32Tut.zip, at upper given link...

Well, actually the project *is* rolling anyway. Only two papers are not from me:
One from Lord Lucifer about Numbers Notations and one from Shawn Bullock about
translating from C to Asm. All other subjects are from me, but if one wants to
rewrite my quick and durty explanations or correct my rude english, he is welcome
too. One subject (about FPU) is a rewrite of a good Tutorial one guy published
from this Board one year (or so) ago. I re-wrote it because it was based on examples
available aside the paper, and i modified it much. More: i do not remember whose
guy it was from (may be Shawn Bullock too...).

I got too, the agreament from Paul Carter for reusing his pdf Tutorial, but,
as it is entirely based on a previous knowledge of C, i finally found no long
enough paragraph to build a paper on any subject. (Explaining something so
simple as Assembly by something so stupid and so unreadable as C is a way i
can't understand...).

If you want to begin the FASM adaptation, just download the raw rtf files and
begin to make the adaptation of the examples. When finished, email me these files
attached and i'll send you Back the compiled version, if you want (if you want to
do the compilation by yourself, email me, and i'll give you the way for... -It's
a bit too complicated to be explained here-). If this project gets some success,
i will write an Application for automating the rebuild process to produce the
exe version.

Out of the "C-to-Asm" file (which requires a rewrite of not so easy Macros), all
adaptations should be very easy and short work.

For reposting the different Assemblers versions, may be i could write another
html Page aside my Web Page, with a title like "Assembly Tutorials", or may be
each version could be available on one dedicaded Page (FASM one could be where
you uploaded the Icz tuts or at Thomasz page). I have no preference...

If the project receives some new contributions, i'll forward them to you for add.
I will maintain this, any case, (i mean even if i have to do it all by myself)
at least for the next two years.

Posted on 2001-10-06 03:53:54 by Betov

i realy like the tutorial

and i'm expecting to update with some more information about fpu and mmx


Posted on 2001-10-07 08:17:20 by eko
Well, i suppose you will did it for MASM... Do you want to maintain the MASM version, too? ... Or any one else?

Posted on 2001-10-07 13:22:19 by Betov

i meant to say that i realy like..........------and i'm expecting from you to write a tutorial about mmx and alittle bit more about the fpu

it will realy be cool thing to do somthing like that to masm...

but i looked for something like that along time ago . when i wanted to learn spasm syntex , maybe now i'lll

hope you will update it cuz i want to learn hope the mmx too


Posted on 2001-10-07 14:23:32 by eko
eko, I wrote the origional tutorial and there is already a second one. You'll find them here. I intend to write one describing how to code large equations in asm.

I'd be most open to any suggestions you'd have regarding other fpu topics. Once I have something to write I usually enjoy it so I open to all opinions.

Ps, betov you're free to use my other tutorials if you wish.
Posted on 2001-10-07 16:47:16 by Eóin
Eko, Ooooppppsss!


Zadkiel, Ah yes, that's you. I forgot your name, but, after downloading your
Tuts, i see that what i did for FPU is based on the work you did in the very
first verion you released. I am going to update,... and this time not to forget
your name. I am going too, to replace the FPU rtf by your original version, so
that a (possible?) MASM maintainer will have this adaptation already done.


eet_1024, will you really do the job for FASM? If yes, >>> any problem:

Posted on 2001-10-08 03:33:48 by Betov