This should hold me over until I can get an Opteron:

Athlon XP (Barton) 2500+ ( Overclocked to 2800+ :) )
1GB Dual DDR at 166Mhz
Epox 8RDA+

Nothing but good things to say about the motherboard and CPU. Runs very cool with a very small fan (42C) -- even with the multiplier bumped up to x12. I haven't overclocked the memory as it is stripped from my last system and not doesn't seem to do well (it was very cheap). The cpu will even do 400Mhz but works better at the same speed as memory.

I have read several reviews of this board and it's all true. :)
Posted on 2003-05-26 14:24:10 by bitRAKE
I wish those athlons would use Mhz instead of their magic number, it's confusing :)

looks like a kick-ass setup :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-26 14:27:29 by Hiroshimator
"It's running at 2Ghz, but kicks the hell out of a 2Ghz P4."

AMD wanted to use that as the model number, but it wouldn't fit on chip. :)
Posted on 2003-05-26 14:53:38 by bitRAKE
Some where on AMD's site theres a PDF illustrating how "slow" the P4 is, can't seem to find it now (it was a link n the front page, IIRC). I just can't wait to get my hands on a 4-way Opteron Model 244 system, with DDR, SCISI, RAID, "redundant hotswap PSU-thingy", 1G Ethernet. card,.. :rolleyes: :dreaming:
Posted on 2003-05-26 23:25:28 by scientica
My 1 GB PC-800 RDRAM still kicks your DDR :grin:
Posted on 2003-05-27 06:13:20 by bazik
My 1 GB PC-800 RDRAM still kicks your DDR
Pretty soon the only thing your RDRAM will be good for is to plug into your playstation as Intel is dropping support for them ;)
Posted on 2003-05-27 08:25:23 by sluggy
SiS is moving to the Rambus "Yellowstone" RDRAM, and specifically targeting workstation class boards (none of that cheap and nasty SiS consumer level stuff). And that (if they deliver) will kick the nuts off bazik's PC800 stuff!

Only thing to worry about is SiS, I just don't trust them after seeing one of their boards in an old K6-2 based PC of a friend of mines (it was the onboard graphics that REALLY sucked ass, but the whole board wasn't outstanding in any otherway).

Posted on 2003-05-27 11:45:47 by Mirno