i am trying to use a dialog box as a main window.
i have read Iczelion tutorial #10-1 that uses CreateDialogParam to set the classname other than #37760.
it works ok but when i put a tab control inside the dialog the tabs does not show.

does anyone has an example.
Posted on 2003-05-26 15:54:39 by Jnrz
in RadASm web site there is a working example.
Posted on 2003-05-27 10:56:11 by cakmak
I reciently did something like this, however i had a whole lot of other stuff too (COM/OLE). So i chopped out all that doesnt have to be there to give you a working example. It has no function now (since i chopped out all the code that gave it purpose). But it still shows you how to create a dialog with tabs, and offers some structure to managing multiple windows (as an added bonus :alright: )

This example has a main calling dialog with one button. When pressed, it creates the tab/dialog window. Each tab/dialog window is unique and private. That is all created tab/dialog windows use the same windows proceedure. But this proceedure is written such that private memory is allocated/retrieved based on the particular window. (this is the management stuff i was hinting at). If you've never seen this before its a free-bee ;) .

Neither proc's are very long, so i dont think you would have much trouble.

Posted on 2003-05-27 17:09:48 by NaN