Ok, i was debuging some of the exersices, also like time i go i find some curious, http://www.asmcommunity.net/board/index.php?topic=10788
now i think that that is only for unaligned operation some like align % 4 != 0 (this is in stack operation)

but now i fin other thing curious, the past hours i was thinking that was a bug of me, but no, is a *thing* of the OS, i dont know how to call this, but you need download the file and check, is a application of a msgbox, but the only thing is that in the DlgProc i put only a xor eax, eax and a ret and i compile in this way, when i run it "jang" in the call to GetMessage, cant recibe messages, and is not showed, but this is for the call to CreateDialogParamA that return 0 in eax, i was debugin a little and for some time i was thinking that was an error from me, also i have this program in other language, and i compare the two outputs, i see boot are equal except before the call to
77D3EB9>E8 FBC3FEFF CALL user32.CreateDialogIndirectParamAorW

i dont check "more inside" after this call return 0 in eax, and i see the other output and i see my output and was the same... then, I decide to put the other program in equal situation than my own programm, this is only with a xor eax, eax and ret and oo my surprise, this other programm that in the past can run, HERE NOW cant run.

I find this *amazing* i am curious in know a little more.. how.. CreateDialogIndirectParamAorW or a function inside of this can check if my DlgProc have some implementation...?? is a protection for the OS, also i "find " this thinking that i was in a ERROR, i will implement correct the DlgProc for see if my suposition about that is correct.

See that the error in fact is in CreateDialogIndirectParam not in the call to GetMessage.

Have nice day.

Curious no??

About this type of things errors.. i have two in my count i think...lol

:stupid: :stupid:
Posted on 2003-05-27 02:06:54 by rea