It's just good programming practice to destroy what you create. Just because it works this way now doesn't mean that it always will. If MS says that the standard is this way or that, they will generally stick to it and it will always work across any platform. If they make a change it may break your code if you assume something to be done that they advised you to do yourself. Granted that this will probably never happen in this case but MS says destroy them, so you destroy them.

A good example of this is AppendMenu, MS has said since the first Win32 API reference that the function was obselete. In 64 bit Windows it (and all other 16 bit relics) will apparently not be included, so all of those people who used it in 32 bit, will have their code broken when they attempt to port to a 64 bit platform. It was always there but MS explicitly told everybody to use InsertMenuItem instead, those who ignored this will have more work in the future.
Posted on 2003-06-01 04:13:31 by donkey
I got a starting ESP = 0064FE3Ch and a stack overflow at ESP = 00552000h
So i wouldnt be all to concerned


If I am not wrong the default stack size is 1MB. However you an increase the stack size by one of the linker or ml switches.


To clear this up in my mind, please help!

I just recently ran into a problem described in the thread
My program bombed wiith an "Invalid page fault" after subtracting 6160 from the stack pointer and then trying to push ebx, in KetilO's spreadsheet DLL

When I looked into the stack allocated to my program it seemed there was only 8K bytes available. And when I tried the link switch
it still bombed after the above stack operations. Only after using
did I have enough stack for the program to run.

In the thread I credited from fOdder, he mentioned "touching" the reserved stack memory in order to commit it. I'm not sure what he meant by that or how to do "touching"

Is this just a limitation of Win95, or am I missing something?


Posted on 2003-06-01 04:18:01 by farrier
Yes I have seen it on the forums posted by Maverick.
Posted on 2003-06-01 04:39:12 by roticv