Hi guys,
I am still experimenting with linux. Was out of station for the past few days thats why you couldnt see me much ;)

I have seen that a majority of apps require you to compile them while installing them. this includes gtk+ 2.2.1 which i wasnt able to install cause i didnt seem to have the latest version of the libraries to compile them.

Also, i was looking through the gentoo linux site, which promises that it can set up a really optimized linux box.

Now i was looking at the installation process which consists of three stages. The installation manual situated
here says that one must start with stage 1 to get the most optimized linux setup on your machine. but in the description of stage 1 it says that just the gcc compiler suite and the rest of the executabels are compiled which takes up over 2 hours and then the installation moves on to stage2.

Now my question is - How does merely compiling all this stuff on your pc make anything go faster and what exactly is the use of this instead of taking more time to install? The programs may as well be built on the machine of the guy who wrote the program and just copied while installation like in the world of windows. But why do linux users have to compile them?? And how the hell does it make things go any faster?
Posted on 2003-05-29 02:39:18 by clippy
well you tell the compiler to optimize for your specific architecture which makes it faster. For 'normal' installs that architecture usually results to 386
Posted on 2003-05-29 04:48:49 by Hiroshimator
Also for get more compatibility or some extras, i remember installing the drivers of a video card, i need the source code of the kernel that i am using (in red hat), i think the source code of the drivers go and see for example some constants specific for the OS (in this case) maybe some about the clock, ports, specific monitor... etc.

Other example can be, that you can modify it for your use (like i understand) if you know what are you doing... :D
Posted on 2003-05-29 21:08:50 by rea

gentoo linux

I use RedHAt so I don't have the pleasure of recompiling everything by defualt, I don't recompile software unless I need to (I prefer a good RPM), becuase for some reason it takes years, perhaps is badly written makescripts and badly managed projects becuase most project tends to involve a makefile that runns 15 apps, when less than 5 should be enougth (-subtile fasm favoursiation- or one if they would use fasm).
Can any one explai why so many C/C++ compilers get launched to cmpile a few C/C++ sources in to an ELF? (and from what I can tell there are alos other languages that has the overbloat of compilers, but some are really VHLL, and the it's understandable, overbloated sources requires overbloated compilers ;))
Posted on 2003-05-30 03:12:54 by scientica
Thanks for clearing that out hiro. :)

Btw, just one more little thing. I just blew up my win2k. It just stops before diplaying the authentication window and it seems i will have to do a reinstall. Now i have heard that windows installations delete the existing master boot record and then update it. If it so happens then i wont be able to boot linux without a floopy.

I am using GRUB as my boot manager. Now after i install win2k then how will i get back GRUB running cause it would have been deleted by the win2k installer?
Posted on 2003-06-02 07:49:31 by clippy
you need to run grub again

the gentoo install instructions walk you through the whole process, it's best if you go to gentoo.org, look at the end of the x86 install guide and write everything there down
Posted on 2003-06-02 08:06:22 by Hiroshimator