I want to send AT commands to modem.I have found some documentation abot serial modems.How can I send commands to modem, and get back results no matter the type of modem is(usb,serial irda,bluetooth..).Thanks
Posted on 2003-05-29 18:05:12 by LaptoniC
I'd like to find out this also. The only things I read for now is Hayes Modem Commands. Here are some good web sites:
May be you'll find something usefull on those web sites.
Here is a Linux TAPI library API reference, which may help, since libltapi provides an interface for hardware drivers:
If you'll find out answer, I will apritiate if you share. I'm intrested in this also.
Posted on 2003-05-29 22:03:41 by masnick[CCCP]
until win98 you could send at commands in a dos box. now you need a win98 friendly terminal program. i think that win xp is suppose to allow us access to the dos box again. i am currently looking for a win32 asm program to allow this access.
good luck
Posted on 2003-06-15 20:43:39 by dhicks586
I programmed my modem with CreateFile/WriteFile API functions. It worked
Posted on 2003-06-16 08:40:38 by Glob
when we talking about modem we mean something can be listed with RasEnumDevices or let's say this have szDeviceName. So i wonder how can i send AT commands there not making new connection profile what are listed in windows "dialup connections"
Posted on 2003-11-12 08:05:47 by sirurx