HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!! My old computer is probably 10 years old... 133mhz pentium, 80 megs ram, dsl, old graphics blaster card, sound blaster awe 32 duel boot 98 and win2K and 2K primary OS....

Just bought what I wanted last night and built my new box.... P4 2.4 ghz, 512 ram (think I will get another 512 megs), nvidia 64mb card the mboard has an onboard 5.1 channel sound... shit... the pages load instanly now with dsl. (this is the first page I visited :-) ) The sound is amazing with the new speakers... fast as all hell... gotta download the GIMP and test out graphics and try some cool games... (stayed away from games cause the old one was too slow... ) Man.... I feel like a kid in a candy store right now!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE IT!!!!!!! :-) Be back later to browse the new articles (have to set up the router, and hook up old comptuer to transfer old files over...) the only thing that sucks is I still only have one old 15" monitor (till Monday when my 17" Viewsonic LCD comes in) so I have to keep changing the monitor back and forth... oh welll....... dem is de breaks....
Posted on 2003-05-30 18:18:23 by Gunner
sounds like heaven to me :)
Posted on 2003-05-30 21:24:52 by Hiroshimator
I remember feeling that way about my 800Duron (LoL ~ and im still with at 15" monitor ;) )

Posted on 2003-05-30 21:48:49 by NaN
I can relate to that somehow lol, my appartment got restoration work recently, all that while I moved my computer to another appartment I was living in during the restoration, only that flat didn't have a connection...so after a while my internet addiction got to me, I started visiting my old appartment every day ~~~ built together my old pentium200 with 800mb harddrive and 1mb graphicscard just to be able to surf the net every day.... but finnaly NOT POSSIBLE TO STAND THE TERROR!!!
Today I brought my real computer back to my real appartment with connection even though the resoration work is not finished, I don't care if all of my computer will be covered in dust and debris, I just can't stand that old super-annoying computer anymore.
When I first fired up my amd again in my appartment I really felt releif, not only because every single application is NOT making Windows crash, but because I can actually set my screen to other than 800x600 and 60hz torching my eyes, I can also open a folder without waiting 3 seconds for it to appear onscreen!

I do know what you mean :grin:
Posted on 2003-05-30 22:11:35 by david
Gunner, I can imagine someone getting the same rush from buying a sports car. :)
Posted on 2003-05-30 23:40:39 by bitRAKE
Ah, up to 1GB of DDR RAM now and bought the SB Audigy sound card and 5.1 speakers... I am amazed! Finally took apart the old computer and chucked the case... was a bit sad... transfering the files from the old drive now.
Posted on 2003-05-31 23:23:46 by Gunner
My new 17" LCD Flatscreen came in....It is a beautiful thing! Besides more viewing area. the colors are a lot more vibrant... Getting a new monitor? I would highly recommend a LCD verses a CRT!
Posted on 2003-06-02 16:43:31 by Gunner
Last a heard, the LCD's are no good for gaming like Unreal Tournament. As well to change resolutions, you functional screne area changes, due to digital (finite) pixels on the LCD...

Am i wrong here?? (Never actually check these 'rumors' out ~ just asking)

Posted on 2003-06-04 23:10:54 by NaN
Yeah, gaming kinda sucks on them. Each frame leaves a little 'trail' of itself and unless you're looking straight-on it's hard to see.

Other than that they're neat.
Posted on 2003-06-05 00:25:46 by iblis

, I can imagine someone getting the same rush from buying a sports car.
seems you changed directly from your 26" childrens-bicycle to a 911 Porsche :) :)
Posted on 2003-06-05 04:57:47 by beaster
I can remember when I got my shiny new Athlon Thunderbird 900Mhz and then two months later AthlonXP came out >=| . But anyway it was cool, my Cyrix 133Mhz garbage was so slow I mean at 320x200 it would often lag in Quake, I mean COME ON!!!! Anyway I can remember playing Quake3 and Unreal Tournament on my PC for the first time (it was heaven) and that game "Kingpin" ohhh soo nice :D, but even now (not even 2 yrs later) my CPU is already starting to age ... :(

I was using a 14" until I recently got this 19" Dell P991, big improvement I may add :D

But its a good thing that my system (GF2MX, TB-900MHz) can still run UT2k3 with none-to-little slow downs @ 800x600.
Posted on 2003-06-05 18:43:19 by x86asm
I still use my trusty dual p3 800 :)

I'll probably upgrade in a year or 2 :D
Posted on 2003-06-05 19:53:19 by Hiroshimator
Hoorah obsolete technology.
Posted on 2003-06-05 21:23:35 by SpooK
everything you buy in the morning is obsolete in the evening, everybody knows that :grin:
Posted on 2003-06-06 05:12:25 by Hiroshimator