Here is a very good link on Crystal Oscillators, which i stumbled upon in my internet fishing endevours ;)

Check it out, its better than most electronics tuts I've seen on the net.

Posted on 2003-06-01 02:26:01 by NaN
Thanks for the link.
Will check it out in detail later.

Posted on 2003-06-01 03:39:32 by Flyke
Which is my favorite in a good VCO design. Do to it's source follower JFET arrangement it runs very cool and therefore is quite stable in a free running mode. It's low power consumption produces a low power output though and should be buffered with say a darlington pair which also gives Beta X Beta current gain. Nah I dissagree. The ARRL is the best source for oscillator info.
Posted on 2003-06-26 11:50:42 by mrgone
Ran across this by accident in a google search...

Seems handy to have...

Posted on 2003-07-29 22:09:27 by NaN
I'm downloading the pdf now. How can I paste a schematic here. I use Orcad and I can paste to a Winword doc file but won't paste here. I could throw up some schematics of oscillators and PLL's. I have built so many. I'm an old ham "WA4BJO" and always loved home brewing. I've built RF power amps , SSB multiple conversion tranceivers from 80 meter band up to 2 meters. Recievers are the challenge. Mastering intercept points with good front end , I.F. and mixer designs. The Wireless ACT passed by congress a few years ago locked out a lot of interesting frequencies which disables the purchase of continous spectrum scanners just as the technology was getting there. See? Homebrewing does have it's advantages.
Posted on 2003-07-30 20:01:17 by mrgone