hello (win32)asm gurus!
how can i modify buffer contents, i mean if my buffer contains:
how can i remove that "12345" so the buffer will only contain "abcdefg"?

please help...
ps. could someone tell where i could get tutorials / source codes on this subject?
Posted on 2001-10-06 05:21:26 by asmnewbie
You can add 5 to the pointer to the buffer , or move each characters to the left (buffer[0] = buffer[5], buffer[1] = buffer[6], etc.)
Posted on 2001-10-06 06:16:32 by Dr. Manhattan
yes but in this case i don't know what "abcdefg" is really, i know only for sure that there's "12345". So how could i 'remove' 12345 from the buffer? Could someone put some code pls...?
Posted on 2001-10-06 08:06:41 by asmnewbie
oh it works now, i got it...!
thank you Dr. Manhattan!
Posted on 2001-10-06 09:44:16 by asmnewbie