I am literally burning out my whole brain around writing a ring0 keyboard hook procedure under W2K, XP.
I studied the example provided in the ntddk, there is a source called kbfiltr.c but I was not able to fully understand this. Yes, I am not a genius, I recognize my limitations but NT operating systems are full of very poorly documented data structures, functions and so on...a tutorial, which I expected to find in ntddk, doesn't exist. You are left alone with a lot of abstraction layers, with a lot of concepts that HIDE the real problems.

To install a keyboard hook is not so complicated, it cannot be so. I installed hooks under DOS, and from boot sector programs without O.S. Ok, is good that there are all those structures, those "legal ways" to do things....but I am not running a multiprocessor machine, I've only one USER, me, the Administrator...I don't want to deal with all this complexity (voluntarily increased by undocumentation).

So, I propose this VxD that, in a legal way, install this hook under W98 systems.
I thank Iczelion for his precious tutorials and other people that showed me how to do this....

I hope that someone who has just done a similar hook under NT would share his/her source. I think the hook is realized writing the address of hooking function into CONNECT_DATA.ClassService structure...

Thank you,

Posted on 2003-06-05 05:50:08 by fooCoder
Greetings fooCoder, You might want to check out this link

Download the Ctrl2Cap V2.0 kernel-mode driver package.
Posted on 2003-06-08 13:01:06 by Poimander
"NT operating systems are full of very poorly documented data structures, functions and so on..."

Posted on 2003-06-08 14:31:01 by MazeGen
Thank you for support, Poimander and MazeGen .

I will carefully study that C source code and try to transform it in asm. When I finish, I will post the results.


Posted on 2003-06-10 06:44:06 by fooCoder