About an hour ago, I noticed that the user32.lib and .inc included in the masm32 v8 package don't have the GetNextWindow function and proto (respectively). Googling for it brought up a ton of results, and the first few pages were of no use. Could someone possibly post an updated copy of user32.lib and .inc? I'd rather not download the entire sdk just for those two files, and I've never used the dumpbin utility, and LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress keeps failing, and I don't have visual studio installed at work. I don't know why they're failing, but I'd rather have the updated user32 files anyways. Actually I've already added the proto to the include file but I have no way of knowing whether or not that was the only change, so I really should download both updated files.

Posted on 2003-06-06 17:11:52 by Will
Well, if a lib in the MASM pacikage for some reason, is not complete, try downloading the PSdK from MS, that way, you will be up to date!?
Posted on 2003-06-06 20:32:15 by Gunner

That is because GetNextWindow() is not an API function in the libraries, its a macro. GetWindow() is the actual API so if you wish to emulate the macro, write one around GetWindow().

Posted on 2003-06-06 21:04:22 by hutch--
Hmmm...... That's strange. Usually the win32 api help states whether it's an actual function or a macro. It does state this in the remarks section though:

Using this function is the same as calling the GetWindow function with the GW_HWNDNEXT or GW_HWNDPREV flag set.

I'll give that a whirl Steve. For future reference though, does anyone know of a site with individual downloads rather than having to download the entire sdk just for one or two files?

Posted on 2003-06-08 12:11:44 by Will