This works:

invoke MessageBox,NULL,"Text 1234","Title",MB_OK

But, this won't:

invoke MessageBox,NULL,<"Text ","1234">,"Title",MB_OK

The idea being that "1234" would be text from an EQU somewhere else so that "1234" is a variable. The above would be the simplest form without the EQU.

The error that shows up is because inside the PUSHD macro (from WIN32AX.INC) the following line fails to recognise the second parameter as a string.

else if arg eqtype ""

where the value of arg is <"Text ","1234">

Is there another way I can use to detect that the parameter is a string type or is there a patch I can use to get it to assemble properly?
Posted on 2003-06-07 04:01:08 by revolution