Hi I have two Problems with Checkboxes.

a) I have two Checkboxes in my Dialog, but thay aren't able to get checked.
b) the two checkboxes are laying on a nother object. Sometimes (on redrawing I thing) the Checkboxes arent on top, but behind. I already tryed WM_Paint with SetFocus-instructions, but then the programm make a setfocus so often, that it's no possible to use,

Deep Regards FF
Posted on 2003-06-09 01:28:41 by Forginforcer
Some more information needed: are these checkboxes childs or siblings of the other object?
Posted on 2003-06-09 03:09:57 by japheth
Hi, that are two different obejtcs. The checkbox only lays on the top of the other Object.
I did that with rc files
Posted on 2003-06-09 03:15:02 by Forginforcer
That means they are siblings Red.
Posted on 2003-06-09 03:45:28 by donkey
ahhhh, ?????? ??????.

And nu???
Posted on 2003-06-09 04:05:14 by Forginforcer
THere are several possibilities.

One is to use SetWindowPos. First parameter is hWnd of checkbox, second (hWndInsertAfter) is hWnd of "other object"
Posted on 2003-06-09 09:42:56 by japheth