How to use macros fileres label, file_name
What is label and where it is defined(determined)?
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Posted on 2003-06-09 03:55:22 by pas
Here is an excerpt from fasm.txt (v 1.47), if you want futher explanation, after you've read below, feel free to ask again :)
fasm.txt, 1.2.3 Constants and labels
The last and the most flexible way to define labels is to use "label"
directive. This directive should be followed by the name of label, then
optionally size operator (it can be preceded by a colon) and then - also
optionally "at" operator and the numerical expression defining the address at
which this label should be defined. For example "label wchar word at char"
will define a new label for the 16-bit data at the address of "char". Now the
instruction "mov ax," will be after compilation the same as
"mov ax,word ". If no address is specified, "label" directive defines
the label at current offset. Thus "mov ,57568" will copy two bytes
while "mov ,224" will copy one byte to the same address.

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Posted on 2003-06-09 04:31:58 by scientica
I wanted to ask as to use macros FILERES it have variable LABEL.
Where appears and (or) where it is used.
Macros FILERES declared in a file FASM
Posted on 2003-06-09 10:55:07 by pas