First sorry for my bad english.

My path to MASM32 looks like this:


so standard include and includelib references '\masm32\include\...' and '\masm32\includelib\...' are invalid. I've read not only in Masm32 Help that 'the assembler searches...the INCLUDE environment variable' and '...the LIB environment variable'. So I've set up in my system these variables by typing 'SET INCLUDE=C:\MyFolder\MASM32\INCLUDE' and 'SET LIB=C:\MyFolder\MASM32\LIB' but non-event (I try it and these variables are REALLY activated).
I've researched more and I've found that there is TOOLS.INI file, where I can set up these variables. I've found some examples but I still don't know how to set up INCLUDE and LIB variables.
Please, do you know something about it?
Posted on 2003-06-09 14:40:44 by MazeGen