1-What's the difference between image file and process's memory?
2-What's the difference between process and thread?
3-What's the difference between me and you? (DR.Dree&Eminem)
Posted on 2003-06-10 12:14:52 by Balha
1. Well. An image file is an image file and memory is memory. The image file tells Windows about the memory that a process will use and what to load into those memory regions. But a program can also allocate more memory on its own after it has started. A program can have uninitialized sections, which have no data in the image file, and there can be areas of the image file which are not loaded into the memory image (such as the PE header, which is loaded elsewhere)

2. A process in Windows is one program. Each process has its address space, its file handles, a default heap and a list of the modules it has loaded, among various other things. Threads are tasks that can be switched between by Windows. When a process is created, an initial thread is created for the process. Additional threads are usually started when you want to perform some task in the background while still being responsive to user input. Each thread has its own space in which to store processor registers when the thread is not active, its own stack, and a memory area for system drivers that need to have a context associated with each thread, and also some other things. A thread can optionally have a message queue.

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Posted on 2003-06-10 15:36:47 by Sephiroth3