From PSDK SendMessage:

The system only does marshalling for system messages (those in the range 0 to WM_USER). To send other messages (those above WM_USER) to another process, you must do custom marshalling.

Don't know if it's my poor english or poor understanding of windows but what does marshalling mean?
Posted on 2003-06-11 14:05:01 by Aaro
The SDK also has a glossary.
Under marshalling it says,
"The process of packaging and sending interface parameters across process boundaries."
Posted on 2003-06-11 14:16:09 by iblis
this is like:

... the sum of 1 and 2 is equal to the addition of the successive numbers 1 and 2, which means you simply have to add the 1 and the 2. And dont forget, that the addition is reverse-able, which means the result equals also to 2 + 1!

Posted on 2003-06-12 07:00:01 by beaster