I use win2k and I have to modify an Access database.
This file is in the ProgramFiles direvtory with these rights

Power Users

When I execute SQLConfigDataSource with COMPACT_DB, logged as Administrator, these rights change in


So I can't access anymore the file from other users.

How can I compact the database without changing the rights?
Posted on 2003-06-12 07:26:56 by greenant
Hi Greenant,

In order to avoid the problem, you must give the Admin user "read" priveleges to the database's msysobjects table. Please Follow these steps:

Granting access to the MS Access MSysObjects table
Open Microsoft Access
From the Tools menu, select the Options menu option
On the View tab, click the System Objects checkbox
Click OK to save your changes
From the Tools menu, select the Security -> User and Group Permissions menu option
Click the Permissions tab
Select the Table entry in the Object Type combo box
Select the Admin userid in the User/Group Name listbox
In the Object Name listbox, select the MSysObjects entry
In the Permissions group box, check the Read Data check box

Knowing your product, the main difficulty is: How are you going to explain that to the final users?

Good luck
Posted on 2003-06-12 12:20:28 by ipadilla