... I was afraid it would spawn into a hll-asm flame so I'll just put it here :)

Follows the byte in and string.. thread...

wsprintf is an api function, that acts like C stdlib functions.
I did say "wsprintf is C style api." Hence the 'api and the 'style' parts.

If you encounter a problem and the solution is 'What api does that?'.
Since this is an asm forum, why not an asm solution?
Call the apis demanded by the os and write the rest?

It just alot of fun to write this stuff.
I only started posting here out of boredom, I have avoided it
in the past because simple questions have gone ugly in the past.

I always will post spasm example first, and then the following masm one.
I have no problem with masm, only the company that makes it.

What happens to hutch's masm32 package if the eula tether its hanging
by breaks? Does m$ announce, ok guys your all pirates now, our lawyers
will contact you soon. I write software for sell and I am not in the mood for
a (future) m$ lawsuit.

Ok I am done ranting, I'll keep my opinions to myself from now on.

This forum is wonderful!
So many people working hard to help beginners.
Giving of there time for free!
And great ideas and code that comes out here...
We all think differently, which is good! Coming at a problem from all sides.

Good day all
Posted on 2003-06-12 17:38:39 by RobotBob
if you're writing software to sell in asm with masm32 then I strongly suggest purchasing a copy of VS (visual Studio).

I'm not a lawyer and don't wish to claim to be but it's my understanding that MS makes it's EULAs retroactive applicable when they phase out older packages. In the case of masm32, *if* this is true, this would mean that the XP DDK EULA is aplicable for all current non-VS gotten versions of masm. :|

I'd *love* some clarification on that.

As for having problems with MS, I don't and I don't see why I should have :) As a matter of fact, you can't but admire what people like Bill Gates pulled of in such a short time. He's not a stupid man and surely worthy of respect in that point of view. MS as a company will just go towards what makes them money. If one wishes to change MS as a company you have to change their customers, not rant on how open/free/gratis/insert acronym or hollow term they and their products aren't :)

Amelioration of a platform always starts with education of the platforms' userbase. :cool:
Posted on 2003-06-13 11:21:25 by Hiroshimator
If you're going to call wsprintf a C-style function then you might as well call all the Windows APIs C-style. Just look at the PSDK. Everything is written with C or C++ in mind.

wsprintf is a procedure (a very useful one at that) that takes a buffer, a formatting string and a variable number of parameters and outputs to the buffer. This behavior is not exclusive to the C language.

If you call this function, or any of the other C-named functions like lstrlen, lstrcmp, etc, your program will not somehow get 'C++ cooties' from it. You are simply making use of a convenient API that's built into the operating system. It works just as well in ASM as it does in C.

Part of being a programmer is learning when to recognize the right tool for the job, and when it comes to formatted output in a non time-critical context, then sensible people are going to appreciate and use wsprintf to reduce workload and code size.

You are free to be an obsessive ASM-purist if you so choose, but it will just slow you down in the long run.
Posted on 2003-06-13 15:01:17 by iblis

As a matter of fact, you can't but admire what people like Bill Gates pulled of in such a short time.

I just hung up on the phrase "pulled of", last time I heard that was on a Crime program on D1scovery Chanel. Wan't there something with machintosh and Gates, something that stoped after a threat of stopping development of some products?

I'm not gonna say that I'm better than Gates, as matter of fact if I were him I'd probably done something similar, my hard earned c(r)ash is mine, muahahaaa... :grin:
(but I'm not him :()
Posted on 2003-06-13 17:27:36 by scientica