Here ya go. I couldn't zip it so I renamed it "Astro.txt". Just rename it back to ""
Posted on 2003-06-13 10:26:25 by mrgone
Yeah, i just miss its sourcecode :P
Posted on 2003-06-13 10:32:46 by BogdanOntanu

Yeah, i just miss its sourcecode :P

I hope not one thinks of actually RE the code but:
What sources, lol, the file is the sources... only cissies need comments :P
Posted on 2003-06-13 17:38:53 by scientica
Anyway if you use DOS "Debug" you can use the "U" unassemble command to look at the code. Depending on the speed of your computer you can modify the speed of the game at address :413f which is a delay loop called by address :21F
Posted on 2003-06-14 14:25:13 by mrgone