Hello everyone,

Well it snowed here for the first time this year I HATE THE SNOW but it coming back oh well!

Anyways I'm trying to set the font of my dialog boxes controls using WM_SETFONT but in order to set the font you need to get the handle to the font first... This isn't all that hard BUT I checked my msdn cd for GetFontHandle API and it won't show the page then I checked out they're website and I never found the API call there either using they're search.

Does anyone know how to call GetFontHandle?

Again thanks ahead!!
Posted on 2001-10-07 23:26:19 by JamesE
If you use CreateFont the return value in eax is the handle.

So one solution is to create your own font and go from there.

Don't really know.....i'm a newbie

Posted on 2001-10-08 01:37:57 by titan
I believe GetFontHandle is MFC crap...
Posted on 2001-10-08 10:04:16 by f0dder