Hi !:)

Question relative to Fasm147\examples\ddraw\ddraw.asm

I can not have access to the functions of GDI

For example:
To obtain the colour of a point of the surface lpDDSBack:

comcall lpDDSBack, GetDC, ?????
invoke GetPixel,??? 303,206
mov , eax
comcall lpDDSBack, ReleaseDC, ????????

One thousand attempts one thousand failures :grin:

Any help is appreciated.

Posted on 2003-06-14 02:06:18 by Asmgges
You might thing to use :;Lock to get a pointer to pixels into a surface, but honestly a GetDC should do also...

Are you properly saving/using the handle to surface DC returned by the GetDC ... ?

what error do you get?
Posted on 2003-07-28 16:33:01 by BogdanOntanu