Is it possible to write a HTTP server under Windows (especially NT/XP) which could disguise itself under user-definable MAC and IP addresses?

With this, one could host multiple HTTP servers on a single machine without any need for resource consuming virtual machines, and all of them would look like totally separate genuine servers to the network, thanks to separate IPs and MACs.

What I am mostly interested about is the Winsock side, is functionality like this possible with the basic Winsock? Has anyone ever attempted this or made anything to this direction?

I am a beginning assembler programmer and have never touched Winsock or networking, but this is an idea that has been interesting me for a long time. Simply because it is such an utter waste of resources to run virtual pcs to obtain simple multiserver functionality.

Think about it: how many virtual servers can you run nicely on a 2 GHz P4 under vmware, connectix virtual pc or something similar? And how many virtual servers could you run if multi-mac/ip functionality was builtin into a server program? Probably quite a lot more.

Not to talk about more meager resources, like an old 486. I'd just love to turn an old box into 150 'separate' servers ;-)
Posted on 2003-06-16 06:14:10 by kilves76
well, i know that you can bind a server to an IP... for example, M$ IIS has the ability to select which IPs the server is to listen on.
Posted on 2003-06-17 17:26:40 by jademtech
The short answer is YES - this is possible, but it relies on your ability to create spurious mac-ip associations on your gateway router.
In order to actualize the forged mac-ip associations on your gateway router (your ISP's router), you will need to learn how your mac-ip are normally associated in order that you can create the necessary packets to forge new acl entries. This is often frowned apon by isp's, especially because of the monkeys who tend to do this with the legitimate identities of their network neighbours, knowing that isp's are less likely to be awake to it and less likely to care anyway...
Posted on 2003-06-21 22:53:59 by Homer