Hi, Ketilo:

I'm reading your SimEd. The Edit Dll you writed is wonderful !

What I am most interested in is your Edit Memory Managerment in the file Edit.asm. That is a Edit control in memory. Here you can insert a char , delete a char, of course, you can insert a line, delete a line and others. But , you set the limit of the Control is 128x1024 bytes. If I opened a text file and paste some text that is bigger than 128x1024 bytes from clipboard, what would happen ? Crash or others ? Do you have any resolves ?

Now , I want to write an edit class , your SimEd is my reference. But , maybe that's a little complex for me. Will you give me some suggestions or a snippet code of an self edit class.

Will you give me some help ?

Thank you !
Posted on 2003-06-17 22:06:11 by seasea
Ketilo and other friends:

Now, I'm writing the memory edit control.

I don't think your SimEd's memory edit control ( edit.asm) has no bug. And it has a limit of memory size, and when a char was inserted into the begining of the memory, too many bytes were moved one by one. Maybe .....

Now, I am trying to organize a new data structure.

But, I still need your help.

I'm a beginner. I have few ideas of the memory edit control and it's data structure. So, if you have a little of time , will you give me some suggestions or a snippet code of an self edit class.

All the friends, will you give me a hand ?

Thank you !
Posted on 2003-06-19 23:47:28 by seasea
It is none of my business but If I am allowed to suggest, it is better to discuss such things in the new Custom Control forum.

Sorry for the intervention, I just wanted to help,


Posted on 2003-06-20 01:40:18 by akyprian
sorry! seasea

I am beginner!
Posted on 2003-07-11 02:09:38 by Angi
what about the memory edit control ?
Posted on 2003-07-11 02:10:45 by Angi