I need some info on convering C header to an include file. I tried the file "h2inc.exe" but when I went to compile the program with MASM I got all kinds of errors. I did alot of searching on the board and the Inet. I found plenty of comments on the board stating that you must do it by hand or manually but I don't know what the rules are to do this. Can someone straighten me out on this bit of voodoo? Thanks
Posted on 2003-06-19 13:03:21 by mrgone
if you post the error messages, we will be able to help you more. For now, I can help with this:

typedef struct{
long one;
long two;

blah struct
one dd ?
two dd ?
blah ends

#define CONST_ONE 1


long DeBug;
#if something

if something
mov DeBug,1
mov DeBug,2

#include <something.h>

include something.inc

long DoSomething(long arg1, long arg2);

DoSomething proto :DWORD,:DWORD ; ignores return value type
Posted on 2003-06-19 17:19:10 by Ultrano