salut si vous pouviez me filez un peu de code avec des commantaires en french please

out type de code (R?seaux/Algo/Secu etc..)

merci d'avance
Posted on 2003-06-19 15:45:40 by Thor0Asgard
And what exactly is wrong with english?

// CyberHeg
Posted on 2003-06-20 02:11:00 by CyberHeg

And what exactly is wrong with english?

No offecne to frensh people but not all of them speak english. I've been to franche, on the country side, me and my family went there by car, how ever I must say places like Grand Canyon du Verdon and Fr?jus are very nice places, and we encountered a few french men and women, some (even two who apeared to be in around 20) didn't speak english at all and some spoke not very well, but we could make our seleves understood (even if we know no france). (However late fresco isn't plain milk (latte = milk, right?), don't know exaclty what it is other than it's not plain milk, don't remeber the taste :)
Posted on 2003-06-20 05:29:12 by scientica