MASM Macros are powerful, no doubt. But if you could take the best ideas of it, and weed out the worst but improve them, and so on...

What would be the ideal macro syntax for an assembler, and why?? Please post.

Posted on 2001-10-08 11:04:23 by _Shawn
My idea is to have the asm code be the macro langauge. :) All the assembler would do is distingish between assemble-time and run-time code -- which some code could be both! Then just open up some of the assembler internals with builtin commands, and you could do anything imaginable! And you don't have to learn another language. Well, this is how my nonlinear assembler is going to work - I like it. :)
Posted on 2001-10-08 11:53:49 by bitRAKE