Thanks KetilO,

it works now. I'll wait to release this until i've finished version 2.2, as its not a major problem fix.

version 2.2 will have the ability to use different assemblers & you will be able to change the default command lines (just writing the editor now)

Posted on 2003-07-07 10:46:27 by Ossa

Im having some trouble understanding the commandline system of building things for FASM, TASM and GoASM - not to mention HLA, but thats not for a while in any case (MASM & NASM are ok).

At the moment im going from the RadASM ini files, but from this it appears that FASM depends on MASM for resources & linking, is this correct?

It also looks from these files like MASM is the only assembler that can handle anything except Windows Executables - this is obviously not true.

Could someone who understands these PLEASE give me some info on using these commandlines. Even the documentation for some of them would be good, as i don't have all of the above (i am trying to get them all - info on where would be good too). Preferably i'd appreciate the commandline documentation (ie a description of each switch) and an example of how to build a DLL, LIB, Windows EXE and Console EXE. Very much needed is the respective reource building commandlines as well.

I will possibly ask this as a new thread at some point (maybe people who know this stuff are putoff by the fact that at the start i said this is only MASM?) and ask on the relevant forum.

[ Info on HLA commandlines would also be appreciated, but i have not tried to look at this yet, so it may be easy or v difficult, or may just be incompatible with the code i have at the moment ]


Posted on 2003-07-08 15:20:26 by Ossa
The GoLink manual is available online at For the most part in RadASM you would use the same command line syntax that was set up in the ini file. The problem is that golink does not use lib files so you have to have @CommandFiles to set up the dll's to search and the exports are handles in the DEF file which is another @ file.

At any rate check the manual or if you have a specific question about GoLink post it and I'll try to answer.
Posted on 2003-07-08 16:08:14 by donkey