the message used in send function is very offen,l dream there is a booklet that include all messages' using method ,who can help me
Posted on 2003-06-25 06:03:20 by feizhongshvi
Without further clarification, may I suggest the Win32 SDK Reference!
Posted on 2003-06-27 20:14:02 by Poimander
There are several ways to get MSDN on CD, too. I have it in two versions - full, bought on 2 CDs, and a short version, that comes with MS VC+6.0 Introductory Edition. I use the latter, because it has exactly all references I need (the Win32SDK) , it takes only 200MB HDD, and I have better license for it :). The full MSDN I have (created in '98) has a lot of examples on using + mastering GDI and all Win32 services, so I recommend it ;) .
Posted on 2003-07-19 02:07:53 by Ultrano