Hey, here's the piece of code:

LFF is a dword
fr db "hh_mm_ss",0
ABC db "abc",0

invoke GetTimeFormat,NULL,NULL,NULL,addr fr,addr LFF,0	;//size of buffer will be stored in eax

invoke GetTimeFormat,NULL,NULL,NULL,addr fr,addr LFF,eax

invoke lstrcat,addr LFF,addr ABC ;it crashes here

Any ideas?
I just wanna add "abc" to the end of the current time stored in LFF

Posted on 2003-06-26 01:36:35 by Ghirai
LFF should not be a dword, but rather something like:
LFF db 32 dup (?)
Posted on 2003-06-26 01:45:49 by comrade
Convert LFF to ascii then use lstrcat or use wprintf.
Posted on 2003-06-26 01:47:27 by roticv
Cool, thanks.
Posted on 2003-06-26 01:56:29 by Ghirai