Hi Bogdan, May I have your permission to use your font bitmaps in Solar OS src because mine look like #$@!$.
Posted on 2003-06-26 20:17:43 by x86asm
Sure go ahead and use them

Besides if anybody has any other bitmaped fonts in DB .... form eventually please let us know

I could use some old bitmaped fonts packets that are free for use maybe some old ZxSpectrum 8x8 fonts?
there used to be a lot of those and i can not find them anymore on my tapes :D
Posted on 2003-06-27 03:21:44 by BogdanOntanu
i have a million fonts i could spend hours taking bitmaps of. if just the .bmp file is fine to convert into db .. .. etc i can do that. btw i got it(the OS) to compile again. im still working on paging, doesnt crash any more. theres some conflicts if i enable if before the desktop is created. so ill work on that tonight.
Posted on 2003-06-27 19:58:19 by Qages