I Created a custom shaped window with SetWindowRgn, this works fine. The Rgn is created from a Polygone so I used the Functions for drawing and filling polygons to draw the window and its borders, but the disadvantage of this is that is doesn't work with all shapes, if it comes to more compley ones you need to use PaintRgn & FillRgn but the somhow don't work....
i don't know what the problem is, but they simply don't paint anything!!!
Posted on 2001-10-09 06:16:28 by theNOP
The OS do not store the handle of regions.

I also encounter a problem with API 'PtInRegion'.

Sorry, no better news ...

Posted on 2001-10-09 10:25:57 by Test Department
Well now it works, i just had to recreate the regions..
somehow SetWindowRgn must have messed up my HRGN...
try this..
1. recreate your RGN
2. Select it into your DC
3. Use it....
Posted on 2001-10-09 18:20:21 by theNOP