I need to grayed this button.
Posted on 2003-06-28 14:32:37 by AceEmbler
You mean this?

invoke GetDlgItem,hWnd,IDC_BUTTON1
invoke EnableWindow,eax,FALSE
Posted on 2003-06-28 14:44:51 by QvasiModo
Try this API, with bEnable = false:
BOOL EnableWindow(

HWND hWnd, // handle to window
BOOL bEnable // flag for enabling or disabling input
Posted on 2003-06-28 14:45:42 by scientica
Thx guys thats what i need.:alright:

posting here is just a pleasure. Answers are faster than serching in MSDN :tongue:
Posted on 2003-06-28 14:53:47 by AceEmbler