Hey do any of you use Bochs or know how to? IF so please help me, whenever I run the emulator I get this error message:

Bochs is exiting with the following message:
prefetch: RIP > CS.Limit

DS, ES, FS, GS etc.
are all equal to zero, CS is not displayed
but EIP is 00010000

Shouldnt EIP be something else, x86 CPU doesnt boot at 00010000? Is there anything I should change?

Thanks in advanced
Posted on 2003-06-29 13:02:47 by x86asm
i use virtual pc or vmware. try those.
Posted on 2003-06-29 15:29:42 by Qages
Did you remember to specify a rom image in the configuration file?
The problem could also be in your boot loader, it may crash before you see anything. Have you tested it on a real PC?
Posted on 2003-06-30 10:22:00 by Sephiroth3
Did you try BFE?
I once used bochs+bfe to reverse engineer a boot manager and had lots of things to sort out as well.
You're really supposed to read the docs on bochs very thoroughly. As far as I remember, there was one EIP related error code flooding my logs aswell, but it had no real impact on the emulation process. When using BFE the first tracable instruction should be some BIOS code at 0000:F000.
Posted on 2003-07-02 16:00:48 by muskrat