; the dll file is in the "thepath" dir.

invoke SetCurrentDirectory,addr thepath
invoke LoadLibrary,addr dllfilename

from some reason this doesnt work ..
any one has a clue ?



Posted on 2003-06-29 18:57:05 by eko
Hm.. I am not sure why it does not work
but you can try using "lstrcat" API to append file name to folder name
of course, you must have "\" at the end of folder name
Posted on 2003-06-29 19:05:13 by Mikky
i have tried to put "\" in the end of the path string .
doesnt work . .

anyone has some other(S) idea(s)
Posted on 2003-06-29 19:07:34 by eko
this might be my imagination but I had this exact problem once and
if I remember correctly I had to exchange the \ with \\ ( at the end aswell ).
As in "c:\\programming\\mydlldirectory\\"

/edmund :)
Posted on 2003-06-29 21:24:36 by edmund
You don't just by chance have a dll with the same name in your application path. LoadLibrary will look there first. What error message does LoadLibrary return ? If you are using XP the "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SafeDllSearchMode" key can affect how your search is performed if there is no path specified in the DLL name. I would prepend the directory but check it to make sure it's ok.
Posted on 2003-06-29 21:55:59 by donkey