an old sound chip, any?
Posted on 2003-06-30 08:44:01 by dion
shees.. i was having a really bad luck yesterday. i was asking datasheet for MSM6295 OKI (equ with U6295) from OKI's support, yes, she's faxing them to me throught my office fax machine.

what a bad day, that after the first page, which is only contain what the fax contain is, the next pages were all obscured because the ink roller was at its limit, so, you know, its won't move and won't print anythings out, but darn the paper still going through. what da! the problem was i didnt watch that machine when the fax came.

OMG, i just luck that she (from UK) kindly to fax me that hard to find datasheet, to me in Indonesia. whole was 17 pages. fortunately not all of them was printed with blank ink, now, i just have 010/017 to the end. so i need the rest. i contact her again wishes she want to apologize me for the mistake, but i dont receive any reply. Her name is Lisa. Lisa, if you heard me, would you help me again, pllleeeasssseeee....

anyway, i really thanks for your great support. btw, i see that OKI's products are interesting. especially speech ICs. i want to play with it if i have money and time.
Posted on 2003-07-25 07:41:04 by dion
hurrraaayyyy!!! thanks Lisa, you really kind :)
i just got the rest yesterday (sorry late infos :p)

btw, if anyone need that datasheet, i can type it manually to make a pdf file, but i think i should wait whether it is allowed by OKI or not.
Posted on 2003-07-30 06:38:54 by dion